Recruitment positions

【Network Engineer】

Job Responsibilities:

Salary: 45K-75K

job requirements:

     1. Have a good grasp of advanced network knowledge of Cisco equipment (switching such as VLAN, STP, VTP, Layer 2 security, etc.; routing such as RIP/OSPF/EIGRP/MPLS VPN, etc.); be proficient in Cisco switching, routing, security, wireless, and have experience in large-scale Experience in practical operation and architecture design of switching routing networks in medium-sized enterprises; priority will be given to mastering switching routing knowledge from H3C or any switching routing manufacturer such as Huawei, Juniper, H3C, etc.;

     2. It is required to master the daily operation and maintenance operations of any of Cisco, JUNIPER (Screen OS-JUNOS), Huawei, and Hua 3C security products such as firewalls;

     3. It is required to master basic UINUX and WINDOWS system management knowledge;

     4. Priority will be given to those with experience in network support and maintenance, and understanding of computer room construction and maintenance;

     5. Have a basic understanding of various VPN protocols;

     6. Those with basic experience in independently carrying out small and medium-sized integration project communication, plan production, project implementation, and post-operation and maintenance will be given priority;

     7. 3-5 years of working experience in the industry, working in the three major operators will be given priority;

     8. Network technology certifications equivalent to CCNP/HCNP/HCIE/CCIE or above are preferred. (Must have CCIE certificate)

【Operation and Maintenance Engineer】

Salary: Negotiable

Job Responsibilities:

1. Responsible for business system operation and maintenance and security management;

2. Responsible for security assessment and reinforcement of each business system, and responsible for responding to attacks, viruses, vulnerabilities and other security issues;

3. Responsible for conducting leak scanning and penetration testing of business systems, and analyzing and solving various security problems and security incidents;

4. Participate in the establishment and improvement of various safety regulations and processes of the business unit;

5. Responsible for the formulation, implementation and optimization of security system strategies such as firewall, anti-DDOS, SQL injection, IPS, terminal security, VPN, and WAF;

6. Responsible for discovering, tracking and eliminating security risks of the overall architecture; formulating contingency plans and taking preventive measures for emergencies and emergencies caused by information security issues;

job requirements:

1. Computer, network, software engineering and other related majors, more than 3 years of relevant experience in network security and system operation and maintenance;

2. Familiar with kali linux and various commonly used security scans and tools;

3. Familiar with system operation and maintenance related work;

4. Familiar with using two or more languages (shell/python/golang/java/javascript);

5. Familiar with Linux and Windows operating system host security configuration management, and familiar with the configuration, deployment and optimization of mainstream cloud security firewalls, bastion machines, VPN, CDN and other systems;

6. Have rich theoretical knowledge of network security, have implementation experience in risk assessment, hierarchical protection, security system planning, security integration, etc., and understand the principles of various common attacks;

7. Able to design and develop corresponding security processing tools based on specific problems.