Allbesthuman Technology is a global provider of high-quality Internet resources and network security services. It has branches in Japan, Philippines, Hong Kong, Beijing, Shenzhen, and Singapore.

  • Allbesthuaman: Owns the world's leading secure and stable cloud computing products.

  • DIA Access:Provides premium leased-line internet access services with Hong Kong IP and Philippines IP addresses.

  • One-stop solution:Provides services such as network integration, integrated wiring and structured cabling, CCTV monitoring system, and IT infrastructure.

  • Server hosting:The entire network deploys independent 10 Gigabit optical fiber with dedicated personnel to maintain and protect your business.

  • Virtual cloud hosting:Used to build application systems for various business requirements.

In addition to providing basic services such as domain names, cloud hosting, and network construction, you can also choose CDN acceleration services which ensure that you get to experience the thrill of high speed; keeping your website safe for you, Allbesthuaman Technology allows you to have peace of mind in the process of building a station and the daily operations. 24-hour chinese, english, philippine multi-country voice service, quick response in seconds is guaranteed, 24-hour chinese and english multi-national voice service, answering in seconds. our services have been widely used in various industries such as the internet, finance, communications, energy, corporate, taxation, education, and transportation. Allbesthuaman Technology, your most reliable network service expert.


#OURSIZE# Allbesthuman Technology was established in 2024 and has more than 17000 employees, with members from China, Taiwan and other countries. It is an international provider of Internet application solutions, e-commerce, and IT service management products and services. The company is headquartered in Manila, Philippines, and has branches in Hong Kong, China.


Training and learning plan

Career development plan


Core concept:Let those who want to do things have opportunities, those who can do things have a stage, and those who do things have status and treatment. Discovering, nurturing, accomplishing, and combining employees’ personal career planning with the company’s development are the core values of the company and employees' common growth. Allbesthuman will open up a broad career for you, and let your dream fly. Work with us to create great achievements and share the future.

  • ENTERTAINMENTFree access to swimming pool, gym, basketball court, football field within the dormitory area

  • MEALThe company provides free working meals (4 meals/day)/office free snacks and drinks and fresh fruits supply.

  • INSURANCEMedical Insurance

  • ACCOMMODATIONProvide high-end dormitory accommodation and full reimbursement of monthly utility fees

  • ACCOMMODATIONProvide high-end dormitory accommodation and full reimbursement of monthly utility fees

  • TRAFFICProvide shuttle service

  • PERSONAL WELFARE GIFTSPerfect Attendance Award, Birthday Gifts, Wedding Gifts, Postpartum Gifts

  • EXPENSESThe company provides additional dormitory daily necessities